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Originally Posted by Layer8 View Post
It will happen again, as this happened the passenger door on mine. Didn't work, then worked for a while then stopped completely after a while.
Currently not working at all.
The issue will more than likely deteriorate, unfortunately. Keep us posted here, I will do the same with any developments.
I managed to "fix" mine, or at least it has been constantly working for a few days now.

I followed the youtube video on how to remove the handle without the need to remove the door panel ( i couldnt post links, youtube id is 6LsUHkf2Xq8)

Inside the lock-hole on the left side (towards the handle), there is a black "latch" (sorry, english isnt my mother tongue so maybe there's a better word) that the handle pulls when you pull the handle, and when you release the handle it is supposed to push back. Mine got stuck in the "pulled" position even when the handle was released, so i sprayed it with WD-40 where there looked to be a joint (hard to see in there) and after that it has worked.
I "massaged" it a bit to loosen it up by pulling and pushing manually until it pushed back.

I guess a more sticky lubricant than WD-40 could be a good idea.
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