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Originally Posted by stayfrosty View Post

I recently bought a 508 sw 2012 with keyless entry, and I have problems with the handle on the drivers door, it is not possible to open it from the outside in the current state.

When you pull it, there's no resistance, so the door handle is "opened" but the door remains shut. Opening the door from the inside still works. In the beginning it could happen from time to time, but if you pushed the handle back and tried again a few times it started working, but now it seems permanent.

From what i read, some people have problem with the keyless sensor, but that doesn't seem to be any issue here, if i touch it it locks/unlocks as it should do.

Any one have an idea what the problem could be?
I have the exact same issue on the offside front door. Only manifested itself recently.
I sprayed some WD40 into the doorlock as I thought it was as windy suggested, but no avail. Absolutely no resistance when teh door leaver is pulled and the unlocking sensor works perfectly, every time. Opening from the inside works, every time. I will see if I can get more WD 40 into the door lock and see if this cures it.
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