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Default 307 1.6hdi 110 [SOLVED]

Hi Guys, new member here, i own a 2004 307 with a 1.6hdi 110hp model, love it but i recently had a problem, after stopping on a tool booth, i have noticed that the car lost all its low rev boost. In fact i only have turbo pressure from approximate 2500rpm upper, and there its the normal behavior i ever know of this car. anyone has any idea what could happened? just to add some information: iv been repairing the air filter box supports (it was loose) 2 days earlier but everything was ok, the intercooler pipes are ok, no leaks at all. The car has a ECU remap (138hp/366nm) EGR off and no FAP.

Thanks right away!

PS: sorry for my english, no my native language

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