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Default Merry Christmas to ALL...

Hi everyone and following on this thread. My 3rd post since I was accepted several hours ago from the other day.

May I have this opportunity too in wishing Beau & Paul (Admins), Stevo, Andy, Brian for their part as Moderators while other most active and diligently interactive PUG fanciers as owners help make this forum a beacon that shares its light and energy-filled details to guide us on what its like to own with pride on our machine(s).... albeit a hatchback, two-seater, stationwagon or sedan to that of a MPV and SUV and sooner than later... the all electric HEV... which I actually wish to have but chose to wait no longer than to go for the SUV 5008 EAT8 (2019) petrol instead on a Private Lease for the very 1st time since I started steering the rudder at the age of 15 years old back in the late 60s.

I am somewhat an anticipative person by nature hence, I've 21 solar panels (glass on glass @ 310-Wp each) up on my roof already since February 2018 thinking I would have bought an EV and being able to charge it up FOC from my own home terminal...
But nooo, on the contrary, I learn that I'm just a weebit early as yet for that all charging EV vehicle to show up. By three years time, it will be and I may also by then have between 60 to 80 panels up on the roof when my lease ends and switching over to the EV eventually and will it be a PUG, who knows.

Merry Christmas to all and a fruitful New Year with the PUG in 2019.

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