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I promised that I would give an update. I have just passed 3500 miles in my Spacetourer and there isn’t really much to report as nothing has dropped off or gone wrong.

I haven’t managed to get the screen mirroring to work on Android but it does work on Apple. Not a big problem as I was unlikely to use it anyway.

Lugging the seats in and out as required has been the biggest bugbear as the double bench seats are very heavy, possibly 30-35 kg and physically large. I have had to buy a 4 wheel trolley to move them to and from the car for temporary storage. I made my own large boot liner out of carpet that runs half the length of the vehicle interior and it works great but took half a day to cut to size due to the complexity of the floor rails.

I discovered a shocking piece of cost saving on my car and that is the horn. Oh dear, I think that they took it from the Peugeot scooter parts bin as it is so feeble and would sound just great on a moped.

I am still not happy with the steering for the reasons already given. It could be so much better.

The radar cruise control works surprisingly well on ordinary winding A- roads if you are following another vehicle as it tracks the vehicle in front around corners ok, something that is downright scary to attempt with a non-radar system.

Fuel economy is excellent and has settled down at 47-48 mpg and 690 miles brim to brim. It is a 1.6 manual gearbox and I am a very gentle driver (who does long journeys) so few users will better that.

What I am finding is that it is a very comfortable and quiet car to drive for long periods and a pleasure to drive within the limitations of it not being a luxury saloon. The seats in particular although not leather are full sized and fit my ample backside very well. The engine is also very quiet and the 6 speed manual gearbox is surprisingly direct. Many vans have a poor gearshift.

The chassis handles okay. I was expecting some understeer in wet roundabouts but the car seems to track true at sensible speeds so I am happier than I expected to be with this.

The air conditioning/climate control is much more powerful than expected and works best if I have the full system operating (including the rear roof system) so I never just isolate it to the front of the car using the button

Advice for anyone buying the more basic models like mine. Definitely order the parking camera and front sensors as an option. As said originally above, it makes a large wide car so much easier to align in parking bays. Using just the mirrors you simply cannot see parking bay white lines at all, but the camera produces a composite image from 'above' in the centre screen that means you can see your exact position in relation to the painted lines down either the side of the vehicle and so you never park accidentally at a stupid angle

I will likely fit winter tyres in November but haven’t yet made up my mind about exactly which tyres I want. The standard Primacy 3's that came with the car seem fine.

One other thing; I have had a couple of Merc Vito and VW Multivan owners (who are paying ruinous lease costs) ask me about the car and while mine is not as posh as theirs, they were aware that the leather seated Peugeot and Citroen versions might work for them and save themselves over 300 a month.

A question. Does anyone know if the Traveller has asymmetric parking lights? All of my recent cars have had them, where you leave one of the steering column stalks up or down when parking and it leaves the side lights illuminated on only one side of the car. I use them when parking at night for 3-4 hours in the local high street, but I can’t get it to work on this car. It isn’t in the manual, but then it isn’t in the manual in my other cars either, but it does work on them.

Did I mention the steering ?

More to follow in a few months, including adblue consumption when known......................

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