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Thanks Grumpy.

Yes I have grip control, which for some reason comes with agilis alpin winter van tyres.

Switching tyres will allow me to use winter rated all season tyres (which the handbook says I should be using). I'm also hoping different tyres will make the ride a little less harsh - any view on this?

Dealer is struggling to explain how winter tyres are suitable for year round use.

What pressures does the plate on the drivers door jamb ask for on yours Grumpy? Interested whether the "recommended" pressures are the same for the 215/60 R17 compared to the 225/55 R17.

Best case I can use cross climates in 215/60 R17, worst case I'll need to switch to 225/55 R17. Wider tyres would mean changing the spare wheel holder and more difficulty fitting snow chains.
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