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Before ordering I did some internet research on the grip control and noticed that the tyre supplied was the Agilis winter which I didnt think would be suitable as my actual experience tells me that winter tyres do grip less and wear more in the higher temperatures of Spring. Goodness knows how Traveller owners with the Agilis winter cope with it in a Mediterranean summer. I also had worries about the ride qualty as its a heavy duty van tyre. I didnt go for grip control for these reasons but might have done so if it had been delivered with an all season tyre like the Crossclimate as grumpy suggests. I havent made my mind up yet, but in late summer I will either go for an all season tyre, or alternatively buy a second set of wheels with winters, but that means a 1200 investment. My previous MPV had a separate set of winters between November and April and I never regretted buying them. The chap I sold them to emailed me last week to say he was stunned how good they were in the recent snow.

Because the tools are under the driving seat I have space under the passenger seat and I use that space to store my emergency fluorescent jacket that I might need should I come to grief somewhere.

I cant get mirror link to work on mine, but a bluetooth connection works to play music and potentially for the phone to work but I have never tried the phone.

I have not looked at the software.

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