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Hi Meeper,


PSA_map-eur_7.0 I believe there is a newer version of maps just recently released.

I had mine investigated yesterday and the dealer says there's an issue with it and it has never worked. ( I didn't think so!!)
They are ordering the replacement that's listed and is also an upgraded version. This version includes a pump that's connected to the heating system of the car.
They looked at the details for it within the software that will require updating after fitting and the service manager is pretty sure the "plip" option will be possible to be enabled.
So I have ordered a plip and we'll see when it's all fitted weather he's right..

Mine has to be connected via my phone. I'm guessing yours is sim enabled if you already have TomTom Traffic showing in the bottom right hand corner and not tethered your phone..

I only use the My Peugeot App.

Mine came with Michelin Primacy 3s and I've since changed onto Michelin CrossClimate+. Brilliant tyres I've been impressed with while we've had the snow over the last couple of weeks in the UK. Great all round tyre so I'll be keeping them on over the summer to see how they wear..


What part of the world are you in?

How are you finding the MPG? The brochure says 47mpg extra urban but I'm lucky if i make 37mpg!

Do you have the SOS/Peugeot contact function buttons overhead near the map reading lights?

Traveller & 2 508s

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