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Hi All

Thanks for all of the advice. Here is my progress to date.

Happily, pressures and levels were all ok.

I have orderd a couple of the plastic boxes yobbo suggested in his other post, very useful info.

My emergency wheel changing kit is under the passenger seat. I had been planning to buy a spare emergency kit box to use under the driver's seat but there is no room. @Yobbo - if you don't have electric seats and you need some more storage you might be able to do this.

Software, mapping and connectivity:
My tom tom maps seem to be active now, (tom tom displayed in the bottom right corner of the map). Out of interest, do you cars need a mobile phone to access live traffic info or does the car obtain this by itself (in which case I assume it has a built in GSM data unit of its own)?

Do any of you use the "peugeot connect" apps with your car?

The dealer tells me the mapping and software were all updated before handover. Can any of you tell me if these versions match yours:

@Grumpy - I've also been interested in a remote start for the webasto. Unfortuately this (and a heated windscreen) is only available in "cold" climates. That said, webasto do often offer upgrade kits for cars that are factory fitted with their heaters but don't have the remote. See links below:

The list of covered cars hasn't been updated since 2012, so it might be worth contacting them.

Looking at the peugeot service box parts diagrams for the aux heater, it looks like you would need some sort of part added to the car (maybe a receiver), in addition to the key fob. I would expect some sort of config of the car would be required so that the webasto could activate the car water pump and cabin fans, and possibly turn off the volumetric part of the alarm.

I'm trying to resolve an issue with the tyres the car came with. As I ordered grip control and the car came fitted with full winter tyres. (Michelin agilis alpin). The brochure said the tyres would be 3PMS (3 peak mountain snowflake) rated, but I was expecting something all season such as a michelin cross climate as a full on winter tyre isn't suitable for year round use. I'm waiting to hear back from the dealer on a solution. Ideally he can fit something 3PMS rated, but all season.

Thanks for all of your help,

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