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Hi Meeper,
welcome to our very exclusive club!

As Yobbo says, I agree with it all.

One other thing, I'm currently in conversation with my local Peugeot about the auxiliary heater (Webasto) that's on the allures. Not sure if the Spacetourer has it?
During the very cold weather recently I wasn't convinced it was working so I went into the dealers and asked about it. The service dude looked it up and confirmed there was one (I knew that cos I had seen it) and also there should possibly have been a "plip" provided that should go with it so it can be turned on to warm the car before you get in on a cold morning.
I've got to take the Traveller in sometime over the next couple of days to have the whole issue investigated further.
Do you have anything like that Meeper or Yobbo??

Traveller & 2 508s
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