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Old 11-05-17, 10:02 AM   #1
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Default 207 CC - Electrical Gremlins


I'm after some advice off the experts if possible?

My partner has a 207 CC which we bought used around 10 months ago. The car is a '07 1.6 diesel GT spec. It has approximately 60,000 miles and is generally in good condition.

We've had a two incidents of clutch failure within the first 4 months, but this appears to have been sorted now.

What has happened over the last two months is a bunch of random electrical problems. The engine management light came on initially with a warning about the depollution system, but the car ran fine so we (probably foolishly) ignored it.

A few weeks after this, the reversing lights started playing up. Flickering on and off randomly and activating the reversing sensors. Weirdly, it seemed to happen sporadically; I would drive it for 30 minutes and it was fine, then all of a sudden it would start flashing on and off in a random fashion. It would stop again for a day or so and then start again. I pulled the bulbs in the end until I could get it into the garage (she needs the car to get to work).

A week later, whilst my missus was driving back from work, all of the warning lights pinged up on the dash. ABS failure, brake failure, a big STOP warning. Called the AA, they had a look, said the battery was nearly flat, gave it a jump and told her to drive home. All the lights then went off.

We booked it into Halfords Autocentre (I know, but they are covered under the extended warranty we took out) and they gave us a list of problems; none of which where related to the reverse light problem. They spend a few days looking for that and eventually gave up. No idea if they did any ECU code checks.

They apparently did all the emission stuff as well (relating to the depollution issue), changed a leaky injector seal, topped up some little tank in the back that does somethign with the emissions (I assume it is like AdBlue).

Had the car back a month; Depollution warning is back and the engine management light comes on and off as it feels. On top of that, it has blown both front side lights, a rear light and, as of last night, the brake lights have become hit and miss. Pumping the brake pedal 10 times probably activates the brake lights 7 times. When the brake lights don't come on, the third LED light has a faint flicker...

So yeah, we're having some serious problems with it at the moment and I could really do with some suggestions or advice. My missus is quite nervy when it comes to cars, so I really need to sort this for her.

I haven't got access to a code reader, but I'll source one if need be.

Any advice or help anybody could offer? Thanks
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First things first, you need the car on Diagbox. Search here for a member local to you and contact them to see if they can help you with codes and live data.

Your wiring almost definitely won't be causing the depollution.

The only way to accurately diagnose the depollution message is to get live data and fault codes using Diagbox, it doesn't necessarily mean the FAP fluid needs refilling or that the DPF is blocked. There are many other things that could be causing it.

If the battery ran flat, check the alternator is charging the battery correctly. With the engine running, measure the voltage across the battery terminals, you're looking for a voltage of 14-14.8v with the engine running.

Anything less and the alternator isn't working correctly or there's a loose connection.
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If the counters were not reset when the fluid was filled the car will still say its low but your saying depollution fault not fluid low its not really the same thing.

Bulbs blowing could be bad earths or poor regulation from the alternator.

Low battery voltage can cause many strange electrical faults that are not really faults so i agree get the battery and alternator tested properly as it could really be that simple
assume nothing check everything twice !!
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and worth a read https://www.peugeotforums.com/forums/...ocation-21624/

also pull both rear lights and check for burned connectors.
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Check there's no water in the 'Fuse Box' located in the 'Engine Bay'. Also check the 'Maxi Fuses' while your in there.

One of my 'Maxi Fuses' caused every alert to appear on the dash and stopped the engine from cranking. I re-seated them all, just to be safe and been fine ever since.
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Thanks for all the suggestions!

I'll start with the basics first (battery, alternator, earths) and then look to find someone with the correct code reader (seems like there is a guy right by me) to deal with the depollution issue.

Thanks again; I'll keep this updated and please jump in if there are any other theories.

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Peugeot's electronics relies heavily on getting a good constant power supply to function properly. Without it, you can get all manner of faults, including the dreaded depollution one. Your vast range of problems suggests a serious supply problem.

As suggested, check battery voltages when at rest and while running. You need a minimum of 12v at rest and a minimum of 14v while running. Supply voltage must not exceed 14.8v while running.

Remove, clean, grease and replace all major ground connections from battery->body->engine. Do NOT rely on just inspecting and thinking they 'look' ok. Do the same for the positive supply.

Inspect the fuse boxes for water/corrosion. Again, remove, clean and replace all fuses. Do the same [remove, clean and replace] for all the wiring harness ground points you can find in the engine bay and other places around the car.

Check connecting plugs to lights for corrosion/burning. Both my 407HDi wagons have the issue of a burned ground connection to the rear lights which I have had to install a bypass ground connection to fix the issue. The factory wiring was not up to the task... my 406's and my 307 have also had many issues with bad wiring/connections. Peugeot do not seem to be able to put together cars with robust wiring systems..

Once you have gone through the wiring and fixed issues, you can then see what issues remain and be more confident they are in fact issues with the units themselves and not faults caused by bad electrical supply.
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