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Question Low spec steering wheels and instruments on some Travellers

I have noticed something odd while reviewing the online stock of used cars for the Peugeot Traveller & Citroen Spacetourer at dealers. Some Traveller Business, and Active models and the equivalent Citroen Spacetourer Business & Feel versions come with the lower spec instruments from the Van version and a steering wheel without the buttons. But, many other Business, Active & Citroen Feel cars though seem to have a different much smarter instrument pack and a steering wheel with buttons. The lower spec instruments can be spotted easily as they have the black dial surrounds and a black & white dot matrix display between the dials. The posher set have chrome surrounds and a colour LCD display between the dials that shows more functionality. To my eye the chrome set look much nicer as does the higher spec steering wheel.

The set-up a car is delivered with looks random, but clearly it can't be, so are possibly determined by the options ordered. Assuming that the basic instruments and wheel with no buttons are the standard spec for the Business and mid range vehicles, does anyone know what options have to be ordered to ensure that the higher spec steering wheel and instrument pack come with the car ? Some purchasers might be disappointed if they order a new car and only get the cheaper wheel and instrument pack, so it would be worth knowing what options to go for to ensure that they get the better set up. The brochure and detailed specification leaflets say nothing about this.

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