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Originally Posted by nplima View Post
Update: the Peugeot people in my area are a branch of Bristol Street Motors who are not allowed to sell electric cars. I'll need to contact the branch in another city to know more.

They also have a Nissan dealership across the road, where they were more than happy to answer a few questions. I'll do a bit more snooping around before believing everything they told me, but if true then the Leaf is much better than I imagined for a "version 1.0".
i have owned 2 leaf's and driven about 7 and covered about 40k miles on electric.

mark one leaf (<2014) is built in japan at a much higher quality to the uk built leaf(2014>) i have had 135 miles from a 2016 leaf 30kw on a single charge but ended up on in turtle mode just on the slip road to the services
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