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Question Finally iOn on the used market

Hi all,

Looks like the iOn (and the Citroen/Mitsubishi knock-offs ) are turning up on the used car market.

The sales price of about 4K for a 3-4 year old car is a hint that this has not been particularly good for the early adopter, but might be a good opportunity for the 2nd hand buyer.

Some of the cars I saw on autotrader have the battery included rather than a lease, so it might be the case the battery is completely used up and very expensive to replace.

Does anyone know if in those cases, Peugeot will lease a new battery to replace the one that was factory fitted, or if at that stage the car is beyond economic repair? Any other caveats?

I'll try to find out from the Peugeot people in my area.

I'm thinking that as a 2nd car this might be a good deal. There's quite a few pre-requisites I can think of, but it might work even if I don't quite fit the early adopter profile:
- must have: a home charging station (ie: not shared parking)
- nice to have: charging station at work
- must have: predictable travels within the summer or winter range, depending on whether using the iOn all year round
- must have: tolerance for driving a very small car with unimpressive top speed
- nice to have: solar panels at the home where the car will be charged
- under 10K miles per year travel for battery lease (must-have? what is the predicted lifespan of the battery in miles?)

Any other thoughts?
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