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Old 16-08-17, 09:03 PM   #1
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Default Xsi Rally car problems?!

Hi, I am very new to the whole Peugeot scene, mainly because I don't actually own a Peugeot yet! However I have been offered a 1992 106 xsi converted to rally spec if I can fix it; the owner is at their wits end and cannot find a solution. Needless to say, I am very keen to get my hands on a rally car on the cheap!

The problem is that the near side drive shaft has excessive play in it and needs replacing, but the car has a 205 gearbox in it and so the owner says that a 106 driveshaft won't fit, and a 205 unit will be too short. The current drive shaft (whatever it is) fits perfectly so I could always have a new one made with slightly finer tolerances to eliminate the play, but doing so would also eliminate the cheap aspect of the car! So any advice on what driveshaft will fit/ any other options would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 03-12-18, 09:49 PM   #2
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Well, long story short, I got the car, and got it back on the road.

It's been more than a year now and I have experienced considerable problems with the car. In fact, I have had pretty major issues with it consistently.

I made a huge amount of progress late last year/early this year and drove it for a number of months - as it is to rally spec I particularly enjoyed driving it in the Winter and the 'Beast from the East'!

As I drove it more, more issues sprung up, the majority of which were dealt with fine. However the car started to run rough both at idle and at revs, and worsened to the point where it became completely undriveable. Unfortunately it has sat on the road for the last five months without moving, as it refused to even pull its own weight. As winter draws in I have taken my daily driver ('66 Triumph Herald 12/50) off the road as I will be restoring it this winter along with an engine swap , and so I am left without a car. More than that though I miss the XSI and want it back on the road!! So a few weeks ago I towed it into the workshop at my work and began working on it late after work.

I found the MAP sensor was disconnected, so I re-connected it which got the car to idle again and rev for the first time in months, but it was obvious that the car still needed more work. A number of sensors on the side of the engine block had been bodged with heatshrink holding the wiring into them, so I found a couple of the correct fittings at the local scrapyard and re-soldered the connections properly. A handful of other smaller jobs were also completed and progress was good, but the problem still remained. The car has a lumpy idle and hesitates massively upon acceleration, to the point of barely being able to pull its own weight. The issue seems to be sensor/ECU related as if the battery is disconnected (to reset the ECU), the car runs slightly better for a short period before reverting back to how it was.

Overall though, the problem is with the fuelling/timing. I thought that the timing belt could have jumped a tooth possibly as the timing belt cover randomly broke off one day whilst driving. So I sourced a new timing belt and tensioner and swapped them over, but to no avail. The car still runs like absolute crap. (Side note: the timing has been advanced by one tooth).

In the meantime I have installed new spark plugs and completed engine and transmission oil changes, as well as re-fitting the sump guard to the underside.

I am really at my wits end with this car, my family is suggesting I scrap it, but I love the car and would hate to waste what is a rare car! So I plan to check the fuel pressure/volume this week and see if that is causing issues. Otherwise I do not have a good enough knowledge of the engine sensor/ECU setup to investigate further, so I am really just asking for any help at all!!


Cheers, Alwyn.
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Old 04-12-18, 11:25 AM   #3
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Whereabouts are you? I'm a big fan of the 106 myself.

Sadly I'm guessing the car is too old for help with a Planet diagnostic and it will be very old school testing of components with the aid of a Haynes manual.

I don't like to steer people away to "rival" forums, but wonder if there's a 106 owners club group out there who can offer more advice, as this site is more for standard daily drives.
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Old 04-12-18, 02:57 PM   #4
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There should be some basic diags if it's got an ECU maybe the old adaptor lead in planet may work or some had blink codes if pins where shorted in the diagnostic plug.

Other than that have you checked basics like coil pack. Valve clearances and induction system for leaks Inc injector o-rings and fuel filter etc

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Old 04-12-18, 05:18 PM   #5
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I found this link to diagnosing codes. It lists codes and ways of getting them out. May be of help but dont know what exact motor yours has and am not familiar with the 106. https://www.instructables.com/id/Rea...t-Codes-2-pin/ If you provide exact details of your motor [code/capacity]I can do some more digging.

Reading your posts and problems found with botched wiring, I would suspect sensor/wiring issues being the cause. I would carefully go through the entire underbonnet wiring, one wire at a time, checking for continuity, insulation and checking connectors carefully for corrosion on both the male and female ends.
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Old 04-12-18, 05:33 PM   #6
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Location: New Zealand
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Found these also..

Get a nice long length of thin wire, Strip some insulation of both ends.

A bit of solder to tin the wire if you can.

Insert one end of the wire in pin number 2 of your green diagnostic socket ( The same pin the fault reader plugs in )

Find a earth point on the car, Something metal & exposed, easy to get to, Or get a helper.

Hold the other end of the wire to this earth point & switch the ignition on but dont start the engine.

Wait 3 - 5 seconds & remove the wire from earth.

Diagnostic light should now go out & flash once then a pause then flash twice code 12 Start of test.

Hold the wire against earth for a couple of seconds & then remove.

The next code should then be flashed out.

Keep repeating this until you get code 11 End of test Flash once then pause then flash again

And this one.. fig 2 was not attached to the post I found but assume it is a list of fault codes.
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Old 13-12-18, 10:06 PM   #7
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Well thank you for all those amazing responses!

I'm based in Oxfordshire Gibbo.

As I mentioned previously I went in the next day and did a fuel pressure test after work and lo and behold I had virtually nothing; I had finally found the main problem!
As fuel pumps are ridiculously expensive for s1 106s for some reason, I went down the local scrapyard and ripped one out of a second gen Saxo. I managed to get the pump, gauze and a spare regulator for 7.50 . Once my original fuel pump housing had been modified to fit the new pump I installed it and it instantly fired up and ran awesome for the first time in over half a year!

Well long story short I had a friend over for the weekend and with his encouragement we decided to embark on an impromptu rally stage on the gravel tracks around my village. I'm sure where you can see this is going. I may have got a bit (very) carried away, and the next day the car died on me whilst driving.

After being towed back to the workshop I discovered (eventually) that a sensor from the airbox housing had come loose and dropped onto the exhaust, where it had been melted and then shorted the main injection relay as well as a number of minor relays, and half of the wiring loom with it.

Having spent six hours after work last night and four hours after work tonight, I have finally finished re-making all the necessary connection and repairing the loom (what a horrible job).

As the car is now on the road and I can use it to get to and from work, I can address the remaining problems after work in the next few weeks before I start on restoring my Triumph. So naturally, with problems ahead, I have plenty of questions!

The main problems are:[LIST][*]A horrible rattle noise from underneath the car[*]The exhaust is leaking considerably and needs replacing ASAP. [*]Something on the N/S suspension is loose and/or rattling very loudly[*]A CV boot has fallen off the O/S driveshaft[*]The front wheel bearings are ruined :/[*]I have no rev counter

So a few questions to get me started on this lot: [INDENT]What exhaust system would you guys recommend, a performance upgrade would be nice but I just want something original (ish) looking so no bigger than a 2" exit pipe I reckon?
[INDENT]Does anyone know where to find a rev counter motor for a Series 1 like mine as I cannot find one anywhere and I'm driving around without an instrument cluster as a result!

All the information on using the diagnostic hook-up etc was extremely helpful so thanks once again!

Cheers, Alwyn.
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Old 14-12-18, 09:16 AM   #8
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I wish someone would offer me a rally spec car!

Looks great though, keep us updated with progress
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