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jack307 15-09-13 01:40 PM

C3 overheating fault???
My father in laws C3 02 1.4 petrol seems to be havin a bit of trouble.
It shows 3 bars on temp display then after drivin say an hour it goes to max and beeps. It doeant gradualy go up. Just jumps. Ive checked the thermostat that seema to open when boilin water is applied so no fault there. Pluged it into lexia with no faults there. Is there a sensor somewhere we can try change ot is it something else?
The fan goes full whack and the car beeps. Pull over off and fan.stays on.

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COLINELLIS 15-09-13 01:43 PM

There should be a temp sensor either around the thermostat or radiator may be faulty otherwise is there an air lock somewhere in the system?

407 mad 15-09-13 01:47 PM

I have a c3 1.4 engine with 43000 on it if you need it :-)

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jack307 15-09-13 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by COLINELLIS (Post 301729)
There should be a temp sensor either around the thermostat or radiator may be faulty otherwise is there an air lock somewhere in the system?

Ill look soon thanks. No idea bout air lock. Theres no screw to.undo and get air out. Tried squeezin pipes etc but not putin air into res. Will changr senaor on water pipe where ever it ia and see how that goes. Thank

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jack307 15-09-13 08:27 PM

so i went out and got some sensors, 3 to be exact, changed them all and it still did it. any other ideas?:confused:

RDE 15-09-13 10:35 PM

Possible leave cap of coolant and let engine run would take air out of system could also look at draining coolant and flushing it?

COLINELLIS 16-09-13 04:53 AM

Jack your spelling is terrible when you are using the autoguide app :lol: Have a look for the CORRECT coolant drain / refill process I'm sure there will be one on here somewhere if not check a Haynes manual. I'm only suggesting this as I know with the Rover K series engine you had to follow a very strict proceedure as if you didn't you would end up with an air lock in the system reulting in overheating and lots of swear words. It was something silly like fill system run engine on idle then fast idle turn heaters on then off etc stand on 1 leg jump about then bleed all air :eek: Hope this helps

RDE 16-09-13 05:17 AM

Oh yes and leave heaters on as well is another good part and where there hot you know your coolants ready :)

But as said previously to this post, might be worth checking on the actual coolant change procedure, but if you get a chance, flush the damn thing out as so much crap can build up in a system!

jack307 16-09-13 01:33 PM

Im on an s2. The keyboards too small thats why i type alode of crap.

Plus i carnt spell haha.

Ill get it flushed n changed. It hasnt done it today. We do 70 mile trip to work and back. And hasnt done it. But it comes n goes now n again.
Will try find a flush instruction. If u come accross one. Pass us a link plz. Ta

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Gibbo 16-09-13 01:39 PM

And you're from Barnsley where spelling, grammar and punctuation is the devil's work! :)

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