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border_all 21-07-13 02:31 PM

Brake amplifier union ( servo check valve)
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Hi guys I renewed the brake fluid in my system I have a hiss from my passenger footwell ( left side sitting in car) my brake pedal is connected to a shaft rubber seal through the bulk head this is where the sound comes from

I was hoping someone may know is the the brake amp kit p/no 4599 31 if so is this a battery box out job, might it just be the pipe has come off following so many pedal presses.

The brakes feel good the fluid was very cloudy so needed doing just want rid of hissing Sid the snake brake lol

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That's my passenger footwell



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border_all 22-07-13 12:52 PM

Thank you it was the amplifier kit that threw me probably French speak to Simon Bailes local pug dealer


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Gibbo 22-07-13 12:54 PM

If you're lucky it will be the check valve - that and the reinforced vacuum hose goes a lot on the 306, mainly due to age. Some people have said that the rubber seal in the servo can also be at fault and can be pushed back into position with a pencil.

There's also a servo repair kit available that may be worth a shot.

Failing that it will be the servo.

On my gold 306 I had the brake hiss after releasing the pedal, or what sounded like one, and a very hard pedal after three quick strikes. After a few seconds the vacuum built back up and all was fine.

Changing the above improved things a lot until one day the brake pedal just constantly hissed and the servo had failed.

All parts are not dear but they're hard to reach.

If you need some reinforced pipe let me know, its not cheap and they only sell it in massive lengths!

border_all 22-07-13 01:09 PM

Hi I know you have posted as well Gibbo not showing on my pad for some reason

Never realised its the part where the master cylinder sat just looked at some images I am guessing when this is replaced I loose the brake fluid my question is will it be likely that I will need to hook up planet and tell it the part is changed please

I thought the part was just an activator not that it was integral with the hydraulics

Thanks guys

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border_all 22-07-13 01:12 PM

Weird Gibbo

Your post shows now lol, will check it out on Friday when clutch is out also check the pipe you refer too as well.

Probably bleeding the old fluid out was a bit much for the old girl lol

110 at ecp

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border_all 22-07-13 01:32 PM

Odd part same price off pug 110 pipe with unions 20

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Gibbo 22-07-13 01:45 PM

No, you don't need to tell Planet you've changed anything.

As for the price, this is a glitch on Servicebox. A 306 owner had the exact same price and when he went to the dealers it was 22.

Gibbo 22-07-13 01:49 PM

Here's the 306 thread if it's any help, but I think you need to sign up:

Hard brake pedal problem?

and here's the servo rubber tip I mentioned:

It is the seal on the back of the Servo unit... What you need to do is climb under the dash and pull back the carpet then behind the brake pedal is a pin that goes through the bulk head. Pull back the waterproof rubber seal and you should see the back of the servo and a small red seal... Now what you have to do is seat it back into its original position using a blunt tool,i used thebackof a pencil.. It happens after you brake hard then let off the pedal, the seal just pops out as it is only held in by the vacuum of the servo."

border_all 22-07-13 01:50 PM


The price is direct of pug and ecp for servo p/ no 4535 l8 brake amplifier ( servo to us)

Never knew service box did prices being honest, glad don't need software to say fitted though

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Gibbo 22-07-13 01:52 PM

Yep, click the PARTS tab on the right.

Put your part number in the first box on the left under "harness identification mark" and press the tick symbol, making sure "A PART REFERENCE" button is selected.

The 306 brake amplifier kit (check valve) part numbers were:

Bosch or Bendix servo 4599 15
Teves servo 4599 25

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